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The History of T.W.W.N.

    I picked up the first Harry Potter book in the fall of 1999. A friend of my mothers had sent it to us to read. I absolutely LOVED the first book, but I wasn't hooked on Harry Potter until I read the second and third books. After this, I went into a Harry Potter frenzy. With my knowledge of computers I designed Harry Potter themed postcards, costars and bookmarks. I also made several plaster carvings, one of which was used as a chocolate candybar mold shaped as a lightning bolt. I even made a Harry Potter board game complete with a playing board, 3 sets of cards, rules, and playing pieces. It's a great game!

    Some time after the fourth book came out I began designing a Harry Potter website. I worked on it for about a year and then in the winter of 2002 I really began working on the website tirelessly. It took me several days to come up with a good name for the website. I wanted something unique, something that was rarely referred to, but would easily be recognizable by Harry Potter fans. Finally, I came up with T.W.W.N.: The Wireless Wizarding Network. Now for those of you HP Sleuths out there, you know the true name from the books is actually The Wizarding Wireless Network. Well it was by accident that I switched "wizarding wireless" around. When I had come up with the name for the website I had been relying on my own memory which is usually reliable but this time I mixed up the words. But all in all, I think this small mix up turned out to be just fine. It gives us a more unique name, plus I think The Wireless Wizarding Network sounds better. ;-)

    Below, are screenshots of previous TWWN layouts.

First TWWN Layout
August 2003 - November 2003

versionfloo_screen.jpg (173825 bytes)
Second TWWN Layout
November 2003 - July 30th 2004
Click here for a demo of Layout 2

Since July 31, 2004 we've had several new layouts, the best of which have been designed by Hannah and Erick.

Although TWWN is not as active as it once was, we continue to make updates as frequently as possible. We encourage you to join in the discussions with our core members at TWWN Forum.

Dan's Project:

The Snitch
Fans of Rowling

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